WINDOW UI APPLICATION for collect unlimited place data from Google Maps. It supports exporting CSV file and very light to use.

Instruction :

How to use it ? Very easy.

  • Enter how many place you want Maps Crawler collect for you, what type of palace or name of palace.
  • After entering both of the above, press “Start Crawler” button.
  • When Maps Crawler has been finished and you can export CSV file from Maps Crawler or clean data table for new crawl.


  • Operating system Windows 7, Windows 10 +
  • MS .NET  framework 5.x
  • Have an active internet connection

Features :

  • Export CSV
  • Extract email
  • Works like a real user so Maps Crawler won’t be blocked by Google Maps
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with computer has small RAM and low CPU speed.
  • Get fast data